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Barnacle Buster Ready to Use 1208-MG
Barnacle Buster Ready to Use 1208-MG

Barnacle Buster Ready to Use 1208-MG

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Environmentally friendly Barnacle Buster ® is the non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable marine growth remover specifically created to easily clean seawater cooled equipment including condensers, heat exchanger, and keel coolers.  Barnacle Buster is an industry grade solution that is clean, effective and safe to use. Unlike muriatic acid, Barnacle Buster does not foam up or give off the foul odor. Re-circulated through seawater cooling systems, Barnacle Buster dissolves not only marine growth such as zebra mussels and barnacles but all mineral deposits including rust, calcium, and lime. The Ready To Use solutions does not require any dilution.

Barnacle Buster Concentrate can safely be used to remove marine growth from the following: - A/C & refrigeration cooling systems - Engines seawater cooling systems - Heat Exchangers - Bow Thrusters - Water Makers - Sea Strainers - Propellers - Seacocks - Pumps - Piping - Hulls

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